7 Things To Do In Vancouver’s West End Neighbourhood

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Ever heard anyone refer to the West Coast as the “best coast?” Well, the same applies to the West End which we’ve aptly dubbed “West End, best end.” This list of things to do to in this neighborhood backs up our declaration. See for yourself.

photo: Trip Advisor

photo: Trip Advisor

7. Bike Rentals

With multiple bike rental shops along Denman, exploring the West End on wheels is a fun, eco-friendly, and affordable way to get around. Best of all, the Stanley Park seawall is just a few pedals away!

photo: Populist

photo: Populist

6. Movie in the Park

Tuesday nights have become quite the experience with Summer Cinema hosted by Evo Car Share! Bring a blanket or chair to sit on, some good company – four-legged friends are also welcome – and a sweater as it does get chilly in the evening. Prior movies have included The Little Mermaid, Dirty Dancing, and Purple Rain! Movies begin at dusk at Second Beach and the series runs until August 30th.

photo: Kimho/I'm Only Here for the Food

photo: Kimho/I’m Only Here for the Food

5. Taste the West End

The culinary scene has grown immensely in the West End in recent years. Ranging from niche food joints and elevated farm-to-table restaurants, there’s plenty to taste and delight the senses!

photo: Jen Chan

photo: Jen Chan

4. Ramen Row Binge

Meander down the ever popular “Ramen Row,” just before Robson and Denman and get your Japanese noodle fix! If you’re not familiar with ramen, it’s essentially a savoury soup dish with noodles, usually a meat-based broth (although vegetarian options are becoming more common and available), and completed with toppings such as boiled eggs, sliced meat, and seaweed. The perfect meal if you’re in full hunger mode!

Two guys at English Bay

3. Stanley Park Stroll

One of the biggest perks of living in and visiting the West End is that you’ve got the World’s Best Park – as voted in 2014- literally in your own backyard.

photo: John Archer

photo: John Archer

2. Hit up the Beach

Sunset Beach, English Bay, Second Beach, Third Beach – there’s no shortage of beaches in the West End! Watch the sky turn hues of orange and pink at Sunset Beach, dine with a view at English Bay, cool off at the outdoor pool at Second Beach and congregate at Third.

photo: Mauro Coimbra

photo: Mauro Coimbra

1. Celebrate on Davie Street

There’s no street more colorful or joyous than Davie Street. Celebrate the heart of the West End on this entertainment-packed strip that’s LGBTQ+ friendly and full of character!

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7 Things To Do In Vancouver’s West End Neighbourhood

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