11 Outdoor Fall Activities To Try in Vancouver

populistPopulist is Vancouver’s cinematic city guide, showcasing everything that’s happening in the city through video – Your hub for where to go, what to do and who to see. Populist is run by Film and TV Producer, Rebecca Traub and Broadcast Journalist, Blanca Blandon (aka YinYang). Follow the fun at thisispopulist.com.

Sun is in the forecast this week (fingers crossed it sticks around for the remainder of the month) and best believe we are going to be taking FULL advantage of it! Get out and into the city with our list of the best outdoor fall activities!

photo: Golf BC

photo: Golf BC

11. Go Golfing

Rally up a few friends and hit up a golf course! We’re so fortunate to have some of the nicest and greenest courses in BC, including Stanley Park Pitch and Putt – just minutes from downtown.



10. Shop Local at the Farmers Market

Celebrate all things local and load up on produce that’s in-season at one of the many farmer’s markets throughout Vancouver. A nice way to spend a sunny September morning or afternoon supporting our local farmers. Stock up on apples while they’re still cheap!


photo: Blanca Blandon

photo: Blanca Blandon

9. Hit the Water

Swim, canoe, kayak, paddle board, surf, sail and boat to your heart’s content! If you’re worried about the chill, suit up to stay warm and dry.


photo: Charles Zuckerman

photo: Charles Zuckerman

8. Organize a Bike and Brew Tour

We were recently introduced to the bike and brew tour by a few of our friends and although we’re not huge craft beer drinkers, it ended up being tons of fun. With so many breweries – and many more popping up throughout the city – you’re bound to explore a few new neighbourhoods while you’re at it.


photo: Rennie Brown

photo: Rennie Brown

7. Chill at the Beach

Because we’ll take any opportunity to catch an ocean breeze and dig our toes into the sand.



6. Tackle the ‘Grind’

Square up against Mother Nature and take on the Grouse Grind, a challenging 2,830 steps to the top. The view is reward enough. Guaranteed you’ll wake up sore the next day. Gate opens daily at 6:15 am and closes at 5:30pm.


photo: Populist

photo: Populist

5. Capture Fall Foliage

Red, orange, and yellow Autumn leaves lining the streets in perfect little piles; pumpkin spice lattes to delight every #basic girl; over-sized sweaters and blanket scarves that complete any #ootd look – Fall is every Instagram photographer’s dream.


photo: Michelle Morton

photo: Michelle Morton

4. Hike up Quarry Rock

Pack a light picnic, escape to cozy Deep Cove in North Vancouver and climb up Quarry Rock where you can bask in the sun at the top while enjoying scenic views of the cove and Indian Arm. One of our go-to early morning workouts on a nice day.


photo: Surreal Theatre

photo: Surreal Theatre

3. Interactive Theatre

Explore the backstreets of Gastown with the cast of Surreal Theatre – a new roaming interactive theatre experience that engages audience members and requires their participation to move the story along. The performance is just over an hour long, begins at secret location, and is open to all.



2. Get Artsy on Main Street

We love art and the best thing to happen to this city was the introduction of the Vancouver Mural Festival, a colorful showcase of over 35 new permanent murals by local and international artists all along Main Street, ending at Main and 16th. Something great to explore on your own. More info here.


photo: Andy Scheffler

photo: Andy Scheffler

1. Go Whale Watching

Have you seen an Orca in the wild? It’s pretty freaken amazing and makes for an unforgettable experience. Whale watching season wraps up at the end of October so there’s still plenty of time to embark on a tour.

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11 Outdoor Fall Activities To Try in Vancouver

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