Chopstick Fest Debuts in Vancouver


If this new culinary event isn’t the perfect fit for our fair city, we don’t know what is. From October 15th – 30th over 30 Chinese restaurants in the lower mainland will be offering unique prix-fixe, multi-regional menus, and that means a whole lot of great dining out.


The festival gives both locals and visitors to Vancouver the opportunity to become connected to the Chinese community, learn a little about the history of the cuisine, and most importantly, taste it. Sure there will be favourites like Dimsum and Kung Pao Chicken; but consider there are nine major culinary areas of Mainland China and Taiwan each with unique flavours and dishes they’re known for. That means lots of fabulous food is in store.


Chopstick Fest goes well beyond Vancouver’s Chinatown neighbourhood too, with restaurants in Richmond and Burnaby participating as well.

Time to practice your stick-handling.

For more information visit

Inside Vancouver Blog

Chopstick Fest Debuts in Vancouver

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