7 Free Parking Areas in Vancouver

photo: Clayton Perry / Flickr

photo: Clayton Perry / Flickr

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We know what you’re thinking. Free parking in Vancouver? Is this a joke? Well, it’s not. Parking in this city isn’t cheap so we’ve put together a list of areas with free parking to help you save a few extra dollars.

photo: Barry's Ramblings

photo: Barry’s Ramblings

7. Howe and Seymour

Snag a spot under the Granville Bridge and then hop on board a water taxi to Granville Island, where there’s also free parking in certain areas.


photo: JWOX / Flickr

photo: JWOX / Flickr

6. East 2nd off Main St.

Shout-out to our friends who work in the area and let us in on their little secret.


photo: Google Images

photo: Google Images

5. West End Community Centre

Although parking in this area is limited to residents with permits and metered parking, apparently if you present your ID at the Parking Permit Desk (open daily 9:00am to 5:00pm) as proof that you’re visiting, they will issue you a guest temporary parking pass. From there, you can stroll Denman Street and hit up English Bay and Stanley Park!


photo: Foodology

photo: Foodology

4. West 4th and Quebec

Park and stroll with ease and explore Olympic Village and Mount Pleasant!


photo: Clayton Perry / Flickr

photo: Clayton Perry / Flickr

3. Granville Island

Most people, locals included, aren’t aware that there’s free parking throughout Granville Island. Check out the spots close to Bridges Restaurant.


photo: Google Images

photo: Google Images

2. 453 West 10th Avenue

This parkade on West 10th offers free parking Mon-Fri between 6:00am and 6:00pm! Also available is overnight parking (6:00pm to 6:00am) for only $ 9.


photo: Voony's Blog

photo: Voony’s Blog

1. West End

Find free parking all along Thurlow and Beach Avenue and Bidwell and Cardero on Beach Avenue. In addition, there is 2-hour parking available on Davie St between Jervis and Cardero, and nearby the Sylvia Hotel on Morton Ave.

Tip: Check out the Park ‘in’ Spot and Parkopedia for a full list!

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7 Free Parking Areas in Vancouver

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