Follow Archie and the Gang Through Riverdale – Better Known as Vancouver, British Columbia

Whether you grew up reading about Archie Andrews’ coming-of-age adventures, or simply dig a campy whodunnit, Riverdale is likely on your radar. The saucy CW show is full of thrills, drama and not-so-old-fashioned fun – and even though the story takes place in a fictional town, fans can still see for themselves where Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and the gang hang out IRL. Read on for our list of must-see destinations in Vancouver and surrounding area, all of which are featured in Riverdale. And make sure you brush up quickly – the second season hits Netflix this October.

photo: Alouette Lake / Kevin Teague

Alouette Lake at Golden Ears Provincial Park (aka Sweetwater River)

The entire series hinges around the death of Jason Blossom, and flashbacks to his final moments were filmed at this scenic lake in one of British Columbia’s biggest provincial parks. After snapping shots of the locale where Jason took his final boat ride, spend a day exploring this outdoor playground: warm-weather activities include hiking, horseback riding, windsurfing canoeing, fishing and more. The park is an easy one-hour drive from downtown Vancouver.

photo: Rocko’s Family Diner / Wikipedia

Rocko’s Family Diner (aka Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe)

No matter how many mean girls, murders and mayhem the gang encounters, they always find solace at night’s end with a massive milkshake at Pop’s Chock’list Shoppe. In the show’s pilot episode, Rocko’s Family Diner doubled for Pop’s, though the restaurant interior as pictured in the show is actually part of an in-studio set. Regardless, snap a few selfies and, if you’re in the mood for burgers, pies and other comfort food, settle at a table and dive in.

photo: The Permanent

Veronica Lodge’s Apartment (aka The Permanent Building)

This Gastown heritage building is used to host public and private events, as well as film crews, though it first opened in 1907 as a loan company. In 1935, the Bank of Canada moved in – you can still see the original vault door in the main hall, crowned by a stunning stained-glass atrium – and stayed until the space was recently restored and transformed into the event venue it is today. Once you’ve marveled at the architecture, wander along the cobblestoned streets of the surrounding neighbourhood – Gastown is the city’s most historic district, and also home to some of Vancouver’s best restaurants and cocktail bars. Browse the galleries, boutiques and home stores, then hit up happy hour.

photo: Twilight Drive-in

The Twilight Drive-in (aka The Twilight Drive-in)

The only drive-in movie theatre in Metro Vancouver, The Twilight is a summer institution. Located a 50-minute drive from downtown, the old-school attraction is open mid-February to end of November, and features double-headers of current movies with plenty of concession snacks to see you through. To fully immerse yourself in Archie’s world, pull in for a show. The surrounding area is also home to the Fort Langley Community Hall, which was the set for the Jubilee that took place in the season one finale, as well as several incredible wineries and the Fort Langley National Historic Site.

photo: Cecil Green House

Cecil Green Park House (aka The Blossom Mansion)

One of two properties that doubles as the Blossom Mansion, this elegant venue situated on the northwest cliffs at the University of British Columbia often hosts weddings and other special events. After admiring the view, explore the other attractions on this sprawling campus, including the architecturally stunning Museum of Anthropology, the quirky Beaty Biodiversity Museum and the tranquil Nitobe Memorial Garden.

It’s no secret the cast of Riverdale are big fans of Vancouver – they regularly share their downtime adventures via social media. Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead, is a particular advocate, having Instagrammed his appreciation for the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, and Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. Check out the cast’s social media posts, then travel here for yourself to see if it all lives up to the hype (spoiler alert: it does).

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Follow Archie and the Gang Through Riverdale – Better Known as Vancouver, British Columbia

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